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Skin Tag Removal

in Kitchener-Waterloo

We specialize in the safe and effective removal of various skin irregularities such as skin tags, moles and seborrheic keratoses on any area of the face or body. Check out our photo gallery below to see examples of the types of skin growths/imperfections that we've treated!

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Skin Tag Removal

Price depends on the number, size and location of skin tags. Please come in for a consultation or email us a picture of your skin tags to receive a price estimate.


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What are skin tags and how do we remove them?

Skin tags, moles and seborrheic keratoses are very common, benign skin growths. They can grow almost anywhere on the body but are common where skin creases such as on the eyelids, neck, armpits. Skin tags, once removed, should not come back in the treated area, although you can develop subsequent skin tags on other areas of the body. Removing them does not cause more to grow. Our removal method uses Electrocauterization, which is a process in which a specialized instrument is heated electrically and then applied to the skin tag to cauterize the skin growth cells and remove it permanently. The process is conducted by a qualified and trained professional. It is quick and only mildly uncomfortable as a topical anesthetic is used.

Our specialists have removed thousands of skin irregularities (skin tags, moles, keratoses) from every part of the body that you can imagine, so if you have a growth somewhere that is bothering you, please don't hesitate to reach out for a consultation.

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