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Laser Resurfacing

in Kitchener-Waterloo

Erbium YAG or Laser Resurfacing is a computer-controlled laser technology that removes layers of the skin’s surface safely. This treatment diminishes acne and surgical scars, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, brown spots and sun damage. It can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands. It dramatically improves the overall texture and tone of the skin. It is an easy and non-invasive treatment that fits into any lifestyle and into your current beauty regimen.

Service Options

Full Face


per session


3 Sessions

Customized Partial Treatments

For example, around the lips and nasolabial folds, eyes, forehead, or on scars.


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How does the treatment work?

The treatment uses an advanced technology that emits two patterns of micro laser beams that are highly effective for both tightening and resurfacing the texture of your skin, by stimulating the production of new collagen fibers. The principle behind this technology is that only small spots of skin tissue are coagulated/ablated leaving unaffected skin in between these spots from which the natural wound healing can immediately begin. This technique has the ability to produce outstanding results with minimal risk and minimal downtime. The intensity of the treatment depends on the controlled depth of the ablation and the amount of “passes” your technician will perform.

How Many Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

Results will vary from person to person, but usually, significant results are seen after even one treatment, but depending on the desired results, some may need several treatments.

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