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Pink Intimate

in Kitchener-Waterloo

The Pink Intimate Skin Lightening System is an FDA-approved non-invasive cosmetic solution to regain youthfulness and firmness, with the added advantage of visible brightening of your most private areas.

Pink Intimate has been clinically formulated to lighten the look of darker areas as well as enhance the skin’s overall appearance in both intimate and sensitive areas.

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Pink Intimate Lightening

Pink Intimate System brightens the dark areas of your most intimate body parts:

- Underarms
- Nipples
- Armpits
- Elbows
- Knees
- Neck
- Vagina
- Inner thigh
- Scrotum
- Perianal

Pink Intimate Cosmetic Benefits:

- Skin lightening and brightening
- Skin looks healthy
- Improves the quality of skin and relieves dryness by moisturizing
- Firming and visible looking-toning effect of the skin
- Healthy and radiant complexion


45 min

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What is the procedure like?

This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, without any downtime, or pain. Intimate brightening system is a safe service approved by the FDA and Health Canada. You will see an immediate improvement after the first session, however, it is likely that you will need to have multiple sessions to achieve your ideal lightening result, depending on how dark the area is. The interval between treatment sessions is about 7-10 days and after you get the result you want, you are advised to come for maintenance as needed.

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